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Sandhill Cranes are a very weary bird.   Perfect concealment and decoy placement is a must to fool these birds. When everything is done just right you will experience some of the most exciting waterfowl hunting there is to be had.  You can choose to do a crane hunt in place of your duck/goose hunt, and I can assure you that you that it will not disappoint.    

About the Sandhill Crane

The body of the adult Sandhill is mainly grey, while juvenile birds have a rust coloured plumage throughout their body. They average in weight from 6.0 to 14 lbs and a wingspan of 5' - 7'. Sandhills have red foreheads, white cheeks, long dark pointed bills and while in flight their long black legs trail behind. Cranes give a loud, trumpeting call that can be heard from very long distances.

Daily Limits



In Saskatchewan you have a daily limit of 5

Your possession limit is 15  

Additional Items


Be very wary of these birds if you happen to approach one and its still alive.  If you have a dog you may want to give him the night off as cranes have been known to come after you and have killed dogs with the sharp beaks.


You have probably heard mixed rumours of how these birds taste.   If you so desire, you can ask our talented cook to prepare your harvested crane for a delicious appetizer.  You will find out first hand why these birds are dubbed “the Rib Eye of the sky”.

2021 Hunting Season